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August 25th, 2015

Beyonce &Amp; Lady Gaga Heels Ballet Heels Go From Fetish To Mainstream

Beyonce & Lady Gaga Heels – Ballet Heels Go From Fetish to Mainstream



Ballet heels hit the fashion and fetish scenes thanks to a push from celebrities and designers alike

Thanks to celebrities such as Beyonce and Lady Gaga, there is a big demand for ballet heels.

Meg White dusted off this trend in the White Stripes video “Blue Orchid,” followed by Pink in her video “U & Ur Hand.” Christina Aguilera and Rihanna both also wore them briefly in their videos for “Hurt” and “Umbrella.”

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However Beyonce broke all the barriers when she & her backup dancers, sported the fetish shoes in her “Green Light” video. Lady Gaga not to be outdone is also seen posing in a leather cat suit with these sky-high concoctions.

Ballet heels have even made their debut on the runway recently; Alexander McQueen included the 10 inch tall Armadillo shoe in his Spring/Summer 2010 fashion shoe. The trend has begun to run wild thanks to these appearances.

Even though they have made a big push with celebrities and in the underground fetish scene, these fetish shoes are nothing new. They have been around since 1896 when they were hand crafted in Europe. Another common predecessor to ballet boots is the Viennese fetish boot which came about around 1900. These boots sported a dramatic 11-inch heel. It was impossible to stand or walk in these boots as the heel was actually longer than the sole of the shoe.

This contemporary style of fetish shoes is designed in order to force your foot stay en pointe, just like a ballerina. Ballet heels are the perfect combination of the pointe shoe and the highest, skinniest heel imaginable. The wearer is forced to stand with all of their weight on the tips of their toes with the help of the high heel. They are usually laced up in order to make them as tight as possible. This allows the foot to be kept in the shoe bed more easily.

These sexy little numbers are not for everyday wear as the foot is almost made to stand parallel to the ground; if these shoes were worn for over a period of time they would cause your foot to cramp. These shoes, rather, should be saved for erogenous appeal.

If you want to please someone’s sexual desires, there are plenty of ways to do it with these sky high numbers which ooze sex appeal. They can be found in just about every form imaginable ranging from Mary Jane’s to over the knee boots. Check out the selections available and let your cravings go wild.

Divas Ballet Heels

– Featuring information on the various styles & variety of

Ballet Heels

& boots plus how to walk in them!

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Beyonce & Lady Gaga Heels – Ballet Heels Go From Fetish to Mainstream

July 26th, 2015

Four Inventive Ways You Can Receive Money Online.

Submitted by: Adelaide Lingner

Do you have a creative streak? Fancy your hand at sales, writing or photograph and don’t know where to begin on making that give you the results you want? Or perhaps you don’t have the money and time to make your individual website. Regardless of the case you don’t want too, below are a number of sites that are free to join and thru which you may give you the chance to start to generate money, and even make your millions.


I don’t think there’s a single particular person with an internet connection that hasn’t been on Ebay. It is one among my individual favourites as it’s straightforward to use and you’ll sell virtually something (barring your spare kidney). Individuals have made thousands and thousands by approach of eBay as it offers you the opportunity to setup store and reach an already present market. And before you say oh isn’t that just for second hand produce’ and I’m not excited about auctions.’ eBay allows you to set up your personal store and sell as you’ll within the high-street. Australian couple Matt and Amanda Clarkson have remodeled $8million within the last four years. Their recommendation is to begin small and promote everything. Work out the kinks in your business plan and see what sells well. Post honest descriptions, have auctions end round 7 to 9pm, and maximise your search terms. People belief a vendor that has plenty of feedback so keep in mind to build on that customer service. $2 million a 12 months isn’t a foul wage.

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iStockphoto or dreamstime

Are you a photographer? Has anyone ever advised you your images are good? Then you may possibly sell them online as stock. Which means that folks pay a small quantity (normally from a 50cents to a couple dollars) to make use of you photograph both online or as part of their gross sales materials. While that doesn’t sound like much, you’ll have the ability to promote the rights to that picture again and again, and once it’s uploaded the exhausting work is done for you. David at writes that he makes an average of seventy three cents per thirty days per photo. Which may sound measly, however imagine should you took 20,000 photographs. It’s potential you’ll already have several thousand photographs on your computer out there. So start selling.


You ought to utilize Amazon Marketplace a bit like eBay – they cost more fee, however they only cost it once your item has actually been sold, so that you don’t should pay out of your individual pocket to get started. However for the inventive’s out there, you call now sell your personal e-books. This technique allows you to publish e-books with out the method of an agent or traditional print publisher, not only that, however not like print self publishing you have not any format prices and Amazon affords you as much as 70% of the profits. This implies as quickly as you’ve completed writing you can begin selling – no extra waiting for publishing dates. Many writers have turn out to be millionaires by this web site together with Amanda Hocking, John Locke and different successful authors embody H.P Mallory, Joe Konrath and Stephen Leather. If creative writing is your thing then there is no better place to publish. You don’t must be tied to writing what publishers want. Be happy to publish quick stories and novellas in addition to epic million word novels. ELance, iWriter, 99Designs and Freelancer

Writing novels not your factor? Attempt one of many above websites to work on non-fiction experiences, gross sales paperwork, internet content, and market yourself as a visitor blogger.

There are many methods you can make money on the web, and the above 4 are a few of the easiest and finest ways to get started.

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April 2nd, 2015

Finding Frugal Wedding Gowns

Submitted by: Wade Robins

Weddings are very expensive. It is easy to see how people can spend thousands of dollars on a single wedding. When you consider the cost of the cake, the rings, reception food and entertainment, the wedding dress, invitations and flowers, you soon begin to wonder where you can cut corners. Many women would not dream of cutting corners on her wedding dress. The wedding dress is an important part of any wedding ceremony. If you choose the right shop, you can certainly save hundreds of dollars on wedding gowns.

If you pick up any bridal magazine, you will find hundreds of beautiful designer wedding gowns. These designer wedding gowns are gorgeous, but they are expensive, too. Some designer wedding gowns can costs well into the thousands of dollars. When you think about it, why should you spend so much money on a dress that you will only wear for a few hours? Chances are that dress will be stored in a box or hang in the back of your closet for years to come. While it is important to look your best on your wedding, do you want to start out your married life in debt over for a dress. Take the time to shop around and consider other options when shopping for wedding gowns.

Wholesale Wedding Gowns

One of the easiest ways that you can save money on wedding gowns is to shop for wholesale wedding gowns. Many stores sell designer wedding gowns for as much as 50% off the regular price. Many of these stores also sell designer look-alikes. When you get right down to it, who of your guests will actually know that you did not spend thousands of dollars on your wedding dress?

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These dresses are just as beautiful as the ones you find in the bridal magazines, but will cost you a fraction of the price. To find these stores, look at local phone book or check online. Some of these stores are only open certain hours, so make sure you check into this before you go. It is a good idea to take along heels similar to the one that you will wear on your wedding day and the right undergarments. This will allow you to try on wedding gowns and get a good idea of the true fit. For more info see

on Wedding Photographer.

Used Wedding Gowns

There are actually different types of used wedding gowns. When you buy a used wedding gown, you can get a dress for as little as $200. Consignment and thrift stores are ideal places to look for used wedding gowns. While you may shudder at the idea of buying your dress at a thrift store, consider this: many of the wedding gowns you will find have only been worn one time. They are donated because they are taking up room in someone’s closet. Rather than sell the dress, many people think it is easier to donate it. That is an excellent deal for you. Another type of use wedding gown that you may not know about are display gowns that have been used for display at bridal shows, bridal shops, and even florists. Many of these types of stores display beautiful gowns, and then sell them at rock-bottom prices.

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September 4th, 2013

The Essentials Of Yoga Accessories And Apparel

The Essentials of Yoga Accessories and apparel



To the casual observer, the poses look next to impossible to accomplish and even the philosophy and principles behind the practice may be lost on many. It\’s enough to strike fear into the hearts of many people so much so that they don\’t even start at all. A bit of advice for those that are considering this option is to relax and take a deep breath. Yoga is about connecting with your whole body and mind and to get started, there are a few essentials to remember to ease into it with grace.

For the newcomer to the world of yoga, one of the first things you need to do is find suitable clothes for your new fitness routine. If you think yoga means cut-offs and a t-shirt, you may want to re-consider that. As the world of fitness has expanded, so has the information surrounding it. These days finding the right outfit for your yoga session is almost as important as the class itself. The most important criteria in your yoga apparel is comfort. Flexible clothing that is stretchy and breathes is the ideal, because you\’re going to sweat and you want to be in yoga clothes that take that into consideration. Also, you don\’t want to wear clothes that are loose since you will be in positions where loose clothing is not supportive of your movements. You may want to consider layered clothing for your classes to maintain warm muscles, but not too warm so you don\’t overheat. For woman, it is especially important that yoga apparel support their torso and chest area as they move.

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Cozy Orange has a line of yoga apparel for woman that aims to provide comfy yoga clothing and workout apparel with enhanced elasticity, full coverage and added compression and support. It\’s evident they were designed with all of these qualities in mind. Not only is the yoga clothing for women durable and stretchy, but it is also made with a specialized performance blend fabric that enables the fabric to quickly dry and breathe, leaving your skin feeling dry and comfortable throughout your swaty workout or yoga session.

Whether you feel more comfortable in yoga pants or yoga shorts, they have a fit and feel that you will agree with. Many women want additional support in their yoga tank tops and Cozy Orange has heard the call, offering a range that caters to their needs. Redefining comfort in yoga wear, Cozy Orange designs are created specifically for a blissful and cozy experience during your practice. Cozy Orange has designed their collection with expert input from yoga teachers and fitness instructors to ensure the apparel meets the demands of any level of fitness while remaining stylish and comfortable. Custom features include Adjustable Bra Straps, Lengthened Tops and Chafe-free seams. Each piece is carefully designed for everybody, with couture seams and bottoms that feature stylish, tummy-taming waistbands. Choosing cozy, high performance yoga clothing that moves with you helps to enhance the experience of yoga and give further inspiration to living an active lifestyle.

Visit on our website if you have required information regarding yoga accessories.

Visit on our website if you have required information regarding yoga accessories.

Yoga accessories


Yoga Pants

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