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May 2nd, 2017

Pyramid Deck Lights Will Add Security To Your Home With Outdoor Lighting}

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Pyramid Deck Lights will add security to your home with outdoor lighting



Many individuals do not realize it, but pyramid deck lights may prevent crime. It has been found that dark homes at night may actually entice criminals to come up on the property and perform crimes. This is because of the fact that it is difficult for others to see criminals in the act in the dark. No one is immune to crime – it happens in low, middle, and high income neighborhoods every single day, and night.

If you want to ensure that your home is properly protected against one crime, one of the methods that you can use is to increase the amount of lighting on the outside of the home. Here, I will share with you how to use pyramid deck lights to prevent crime.

If you are looking to protect your home from potential thieves, it is really important to ensure that you put lighting around every area of the home. Many individuals light up just the patio, or just the sidewalks, or just a small section of the front yard.

However, it is important to light every area of the home – bringing special attention to the areas of the home that are accessible to potential criminals like the doors and the windows of the home.

The great thing about pyramid deck lights is that they can be placed virtually anywhere and actually make the home more attractive overall. All you have to do is put up a small post, and then attach the pyramid light on top of the post. Once you do this, you simply attach the lighting to any type of electricity that is required to power the light. In many cases, you do not even have to attach the light to any type of electrical source!

There are many types of pyramid deck lights that are actually solar powered! Considering the costs associated with utilities these days, it may be in your best interest to purchase these solar powered lights. These are really simple to use, and they provide an adequate amount of light to deter any type of criminal activity.

While it is important to ensure that you place these lights in areas where the sun’s light can get to them, this is generally not a complication for most home owners. There are many different ways that you can prevent crime to your home, and enhance the overall safety of the home. Electing to use pyramid deck lights to prevent crime is just one method that can be used.

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Pyramid Deck Lights will add security to your home with outdoor lighting }

February 21st, 2016

Fiber Optic Training Fundamentals Of Optical Fiber Communication

By Colin Yao

>> Optical Fiber Advantages

Fiber optic holds an advantage over copper media in its ability to handle high-speed signals over extended distances. Other advantages of fiber optic transmission include:

1. Immunity from Electromagnetic (EM) Radiation and Lightning. Since optical fiber is made from dielectric (nonconducting) materials, EM radiation does not affect optical fiber.

2. Lighter weight. In real world applications, lighter fiber optic cables routinely replace heavier copper cables.

3. Higher bandwidth. Fiber has higher bandwidth than any alternative available.

4. Easily upgraded. The limitation of fiber optic systems today, and for years to come, is the electronics and electro-optics used on each end of the fiber.

>> Structure of Optical Fiber

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The optical fiber is made up of two concentric cylindrical strands of silica surrounded by a plastic coating.

The center most silica strand is the core of the fiber with a refractive index of approximately 1.48. The core of the fiber physically transports most of the optical power.

The core is surrounded by another strand of silica called the cladding. The cladding has a slightly lower refractive index, 1.46 and provides the interface that confines the optical signal to the core.

The outermost layer of the optical fiber is the buffer coating. This thin plastic covering protects the glass from mechanical and environmental damage.

>> Signal Transport Mechanism

Light is confined within the core of the optical fiber through total internal reflection. To understand the phenomenon of total internal reflection and how it is responsible for the confinement of light in an optical fiber, we will take a look at the ray theory (a ray of light incident on the fiber core).

Light enters the core of the optical fiber and strikes the core/cladding interface at an angle. If this angle is greater than the critical angle, then the ray will reflect back into the core thus experiencing total internal reflection. This ray of light will continue to experience total internal reflection as it encounters core/cladding interfaces while propagating down the fiber.

>> Fiber Types

The two fiber types get their names from the way they transmit light.

1. Multimode Fiber

Multimode fibers have larger cores that guide many modes simultaneously. The larger core makes it much easier to capture light from a transceiver, allowing source costs to be kept down. Similarly, multimode connectors cost less than single mode connectors due to the more stringent alignment requirements of single mode fiber. Multimode connections can be easily performed in the field, offering installation flexibility, cost savings, and peace-of-mind.

Large core fiber is attractive due to the ease in which light from a source can be coupled into the fiber, significantly reducing the cost of transmitter design and packaging. Multimode fiber is very sensitive to dispersion, which tends to limit the distance and bandwidth of an optical system.

Enterprise environments present particular network challenges, including limited spaces and tight bends, high connection density, and components that get handled frequently. Multimode fibers are ideally suited for these conditions. And since distances within a premises system rarely approach 550 meters, multimode fiber should be the choice for these applications.

The network designer or end user who specifies multimode fiber for short reach systems still must choose from two types – 50um or 62.5um. Today, 50um laser-optimized multimode (OM3) fiber offers significant bandwidth and reach advantages for most building applications, while preserving the low system cost advantages of 850nm based multimode fiber.

2. Single Mode Fiber

Single mode fibers have a small core size.

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October 28th, 2015

Supply Large Quantity Steam Coal From Kalimantan

Supply Large quantity steam coal from kalimantan


Edi Batubara

Following data from Kalimantan coal producers where many big companies buys coal also performs cooperation builds coal mine itself. Company of coal user also performs purchasing investment of mine or performs cooperation joint operation with company of owner of mine in Kalimantan.

Company of Power Electric

Electrical company in various States in asia always buying supply of coal from Kalimantan. Many electrical companies from State china , Taiwan , india , Malaysia , korea and japan buys coal in gross with value of contract reach tens of million dollars.

Company of Cement

YouTube Preview Image

Many companies of cement in Indonesia , India , Malaysia and Philippines buys coal from Kalimantan. Company of the amount also performs investment or buys mining land itself. Some of big cement company from india , china and Indonesia investing money in coal mine to get coal supply every month.

Company of Steel

Steel industry in Indonesia , india , china , Taiwan , korea very out for supply of coal continually from Kalimantan. They usually perform long range contract with company of big mine in Kalimantan.

Company of Textile

Company of textile in China , India and Malaysia also buys coal in gross , a lot of company of textile in asia area which the numbers reach hundreds of , they will surely always buying coal continually.

Chemical Company

Chemical company in china have performed investment in Indonesia by doing long range contract with company of mine in Kalimantan. Big company in china for example buying coal mining land for supply of themselves.

Company of Sugar

Sugar industry hardly requiring coal for requirement of the operational. They need coal in gross and the coal always using big ship and number of coal which its transporting reach hundreds of thousand metric tons every month.

Have your company got supply of coal in gross ? if you interested to buy coal from Kalimantan , you can get coal in gross with fair price passes Middle class coal mine. For company of big mine in Kalimantan has not receive order again for long times. Kalimantan coal producers along with globalindo hardly understanding of requirement of your coal , we also give first priority for the companies of amount of direct users of coal.

How many hundred thousand three per month tons of your requirement , calorie how many your which long range searching and contract in a hope that you get fair price and seller also likes to implement business join work to the advantage together.

Kalimantan Coal Producers loads information completely accompanied with mine photo , photo jetty , procedure for order and how it is that you send LOI to us. All products which we sell to explain be , open and we always serving the best.

Edi focusing online on management to find reliable buyers , person from direct coal buyers or agent from big company who bound authority to order large scale of coal. We offering large quantity of steam coal direct from our coal mining , with many calories , good prices and method payment in FOB MVESSEL , LC. Our company is committed to support big company ace coal end users to get coal supply every month , Please you can visiting our website for more information at

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April 28th, 2015

Power Lift Chair

Power Lift Chair


Karen MacLean


Power Lift Chair

helps the disabled to move more easily from a reclining to a sitting position and even to a standing position with just the push of a button. Lift recliners make it possible for individuals to have a more independent lifestyle at home, however, it is important to get the specifications right so that the chair can provide the user with maximum comfort and assistance.

Two popular brands are the

YouTube Preview Image

Pride Lift Chair

and the Golden Lift Chair. Each supplier incorporates somewhat diverse functions into their recliners, so make sure to check the specifications in the actual model you intend to buy.

One type of riser chair is the 2-position recliner that has two key positions,usually labelled seated and reading positions. This recliner can be positioned anywhere among the sitting and slightly reclined positions. In other words, this chair will cater to any position in between upright and approximately forty-five degrees as well as a standing position.

Another type is the 3-position lift chair recliner that has exactly the same positions as the 2-position recliner plus a third nearly fully lying down position.

There is also the Infinite-Position and Zero-Gravity types of power lift chairs that have specific functionality that gives much more possibilities and relaxation. Depending on the specific features, these types can aid in alleviating back pain, raising lung capacity and strengthening circulation.

All power lift chairs are guaranteed that they will be safe since they are made particularly for the safety of the elderly and the disabled members of our society. These chairs are made to look like any other quality piece of furniture and are extremely comfortable since they are made with a comfortable fabric material. Another benefit is that all are part of the purchase of the chair may be covered by Medicare.

Karen MacLean is a proud blogger from

Disabled Lifts

providing pertinent information on subjects such as a

Power Lift Chair

for those seeking a disabled lift solution for themselves, a loved one, or for health-care industry professionals.

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March 31st, 2015

Details In Regard To The Plumbing Aspect Of The Home Inspection

Details In regard to The Plumbing Aspect of The Home Inspection


Evie Pelczar

The plumbing consists of the sink, faucet, disposal, and trap assembly. The very first thing I do is check to see if there is a drain/trap assembly present. You would definitely be amazed the amount of times there is actually no disposal or trap assembly existing, instead you see a bucket. Be sure the drain piping is not \”double trapped\” because this will cause slow drainage and possible clogs. Install the stopper(s) into the sink(s) and then fill with about 3-4 inches of water. Start with the hot water as it might take a while to make it from the water heater to the kitchen. When hot water arrives (left side faucet position) turn the water to cold in order to complete filling the sink(s). Make sure to observe any water emerging from the faucet handle itself, which should be noted.

As soon as the sink is sufficiently filled, pull the stopper(s), keep the water running on the side having the disposal, turn the disposal on and look out for leaks below the sink, at the disposal, and trap assembly.

When the sink is filling, check to see if the dishwasher discharge hose is appropriately routed to the disposal or trap assembly. The discharge hose should be arched/looped from the dishwasher right up to the underside of the countertop, then to the trap assembly or disposal. The alternative is to have an \”air-gap\” installed through the sink. It is the 2-inch tall shiny chrome thing having the slot in it alongside the faucet. The purpose of both the \”loop\” and the \”air-gap\” is to stop the contents of the sink/disposal from draining in to the dishwasher, possibly creating a cross-connection.

YouTube Preview Image

Be sure to comment appropriately. A leak is liquid water going someplace that is going to damage something, such as the cabinets or drywall. Dripping is water falling into the sink itself, not damaging anything, simply wasting water. The reason for the difference is that one is a maintenance concern the other is a necessary repair to prevent further damage. Furthermore, a \”dry stain\” is old and a \”wet stain\” is current. Use your moisture meter so as to determine what sort of stain you are observing.

When inspecting whirlpool tubs be sure to figure out just where the jets are pointing. A couple of years back I was hired to conduct an inspection in a newly constructed home. The home was never inhabited but was staged with the use of rather lovely home furnishings. The inspection was going really well, till it came time to inspect the master bathroom. The bathroom had a shower and also a separate whirlpool tub that featured TEN jets. As I began my bathroom inspection I turned the bathtub faucet on to fill it and then examine the jets to verify they worked. Now assessing the jets on a whirlpool tub are not mandated per the majority of standards of practice.

So I used my typical inspection routine. Switched on the faucet at the sink, checked for leaks. Assessed the GFCI receptacle, verified that there was a heat source etc. Well I thought the water was high enough in the tub to switch on the jets. Therefore I turned the water off and pointed out to my customer \”here is your control to start up your jets\” and then proceeded to hit the switch. Well every one of the jets were actually facing up and also the water level wasn\’t quite above the jets. The pressure from the jets shot a stream of water out approximately 5 ft. Needless to say my client happened to be in the path of the water stream. She was simply drenched from head to toe. Of course my 1st reaction was certainly to get a towel from the rack. Like I mentioned in the beginning the home was staged. So I lunged for the nearest towel. While I was about to take the towel I spotted the little man on a horse playing polo. I thought oh no it\’s a Ralph Lauren towel which is quite possibly $80.

Therefore rather than having to perhaps pay for a towel I jerked back and grabbed the roll of toilet paper and handed it to her and said \”here you go, I am sorry\”. The real estate agent was chuckling so hard that she had to leave the house. So the moral of the story is on the occasion that you test whirlpool jets make certain they are without a doubt pointing down and also always carry a towel inside your bag.

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